Conversational Language Platform for a Commercial Bank

Gareth Mee | CEO

4 June 2019

A major bank in the Americas handles millions of queries a year through their customer services call centres.
The system reliant on a traditional interactive voice response, an old legacy touch-tone system and a confusing menu interface was becoming outdated and led to deteriorating customer satisfaction. The bank wanted to provide a more efficient and inclusive language platform to be implemented into their call centres.

/ What we did

Invenica’s DisruptCX division designed and created a new conversational language platform for the Bank to alleviate customer service issues and reduce operational costs by implementing a highly responsive conversational automated voice solution.
DisruptCX builds and supplies disruptive technology specifically for call centres, providing an automated virtual assistant to converse with customers in contextual speech or text-based conversations. Artificial Intelligence (AI) software powers the self-service application, whilst the continued development and testing of AI and Machine Learning capabilities ensures the platform can face new, complex customer scenarios unaided. The creation of a full suite of detailed analytics tracks interactions between the Bank’s customers and the platform using the DisruptCX solution.

/ What we delivered

Through an iterative and agile approach, Invenica delivered disruptive technology for a Financial Institution:

/// Deploying a language model allowing accurate speech recognition of multiple national dialects – tailored to the language of the banks customers


/// Adhering to the Bank’s high benchmark KPI’s for semantic accuracy and task completion rates, strict requirements for PCI compliance and, existing security data privacy standards


/// Implementation of an encryption service that allows secure handling of sensitive data and optimisation of the Automatic Speech Recognition engine through Machine Learning algorithms


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