Enterprise Integration

Gareth Mee | CEO

19 March 2019

Invenica worked with Vodafone, to develop a single, central and intelligent integration solution – merging more than 100 systems across Partners and Vodafone Operational companies.

The project delivered a consistent set of global-level APIs – the Global Integration Gateway Initiative – by using a hybrid of TIBCO’s commercial-off-the-shelf products, with an internal custom Java development. This approach enabled successful deployment of a scalable, highly configurable platform, that could integrate with the fragmented and complex service delivery model that’s specific to the telco industry.

/ What we did

Invenica continues to provide services for Vodafone’s Global Integration Initiative System. The platform has the capability to handle over ten thousand transactions per second, fusing together requests from several geographically-dispersed systems, for synchronous and asynchronous requests, within a limited resource framework.

/ What we delivered
We delivered a complex, multi-national global integration program, via a structured methodology and deep technical expertise. This provided Vodafone with:
/// Domain expertise


/// Bread and depth of technical knowledge


/// Intimate understanding of programme delivery within a telco environment


Our team has a trusted and integrated relationship with Vodafone. We solve difficult business and technology problems together, with clear and measurable results.



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