Digital Transformation Strategy Roadmap


27 September 2018

To reach Digital Transformation within the Media & Telecom industry, there are several necessary steps. The challenge is to provide a strategy roadmap which helps the client leapfrog across five different areas:

  • Customer experience
  • Dynamic workforce model
  • Cyber security
  • Support Federation
  • Technical Support & maintenance

There are several ways to combat these challenges. Some Proposed Solutions are:

  • Future of customer Interface and experiences With Artificial Intelligence
  • Use digital technologies to create an Advisor Desktop that enables a seamless take-over of a conversation from digital channels
  • Create an invisible authentication mechanism that enables the recognition of customers through digital identities and behaviors
  • Changing the ways of work can help adjust the support model to flexible demand and reduce fluctuation in wait time and abandonment rate
  • Create an Engineers of the future toolkit


Designed Approach:

  • One tailored “one week Strategy sprint”
  • 5 parallel Discovery and Design Sprints
  • 2 delivery sprint 6 weeks to deliver a software prototype





  • Strategy deck with a digital transformation roadmap to answer to the key challenges of the business
  • An engineer of the future proof of concept for wifi and network troubleshooting
  • A target operating model to optimise ways of working of customer support entities

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