5G, Edge Computing and IoT - Discussing the Opportunities

Hayley McCarthy | Marketing & Communication Manager

20 May 2019

Following Invenica’s recent webinar discussing how Telecoms and Media firms are transforming with 5G, Edge Computing and IoT, CTO Moustafa Bounasser delves deeper into the topic by answering three further discussion points. Moustafa CTO, Invenica, is a Digital Strategist Innovator & Inventor with over 12 years’ experience in the information technology sector. He has helped multiple organisations across Europe transform their business with innovation, thought leadership and emerging technologies.

”How will 5G transform the telco industry – what impact will this technology innovation have across their businesses and industry?”

The Telecom and Media industry has previously undergone many generations of mobile infrastructure and capabilities. The industry invested heavily into 4G infrastructure; however, this technology didn’t achieve increased revenues for all Telecom operators, in fact we saw some regions of mobile operator revenues drop after 4G introduction. Telecom operators can become stagnated if they continue to implement similar products, offerings and pricing. Therefore, the industry needed to push the boundaries of innovation further than business as usual.
5G is the opportunity for Telecom operators to revolutionise their offerings. Mobile operators can now reduce latency, increase download speed, improve video quality and online gaming experiences. 5G also introduces the innovative technology of Edge Computing, which is the real disruptor. Edge has the ability to bring data, processing and applications closer to the user and their IoT devices, creating new opportunities and experiences.

”What impact will 5G have on businesses and consumers – both from a functional perspective – but also what data, security and privacy concerns are there?” 

The impact of 5G goes beyond mobile operators and customers of Telecom industry. Autonomous vehicles also known as Smart Cars are an example of how 5G and Edge Computing are making future technologies realistic within everyday life today, but the commercial availability of 5G and Edge Computing relies on its maturity. We are seeing the use of innovation implemented across a range of other industries, into autonomous factories, robotics and Smart Cities. Businesses can capitalise on these opportunities to optimise performance, accelerate delivery and lower costs.

For the customer, 5G, Edge Computing and IoT provides the ability to work remotely, gives more immersive experiences and better lifestyle convenience.
There are some concerns surrounding these new technologies, security may be sacrificed for speed and privacy compromised for convenience. Invenica are immersed in combating these issues, creating solutions that maintain data privacy, data protection and freedom of information. The importance of controlling personal data by the end-user, preventing fraud and creating valued digital communities is paramount upon this new wave of consumer IoT, edge computing and 5G to meet new regulatory compliance.

”You highlighted Vodafone as one of the major industry players who are paving the way in end-user data privacy within 5G and IoT. Vodafone are developing Vodafone Labs a hub that showcases the company’s latest innovations in technology, putting customers’ needs at the heart of its service. Could you share any specific projects you are working/have worked on with Vodafone?”

Yes indeed, Vodafone is one of Invenica’s biggest accounts and we are doing a lot of work with them across many areas. Vodafone is one of the Telecom operators who are passionate about customer-centric innovation and invest heavily in research and development into user experience, user data privacy and of course 5G, Edge and Consumer IoT. Our recent collaboration with the University Federal Uberlandia and 5GINFIRE consortium has been set up explore the possibilities of 5G and Edge Computing with major industry leaders like Telefonica and Eurescom.



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