Partner Provisioning Engine

Gareth Mee | CEO

23 April 2019

Invenica worked with Vodafone to provide a fresh approach in delivering premium content and service offerings to their customers, all via a convenient application.

Vodafone wanted to enhance its high-quality customer engagement service by offering premium content in a way that would be instantly manageable for both supplier and end user. Invenica helped to develop and deliver the Vodafone Partner Provisioning Engine, an Application Programming Interface and web User Interface which efficiently integrates new partners end-to-end. Enabling customers to easily and conveniently subscribe to must-have content by leveraging their existing operator data and billing solutions.

/ What we did
Invenica supported the project with delivery management through technical product ownership, programme governance and integrated application development. The Invenica team were able to bring together differentiating services within local markets, and across multiple platforms, to create the solution. The Partner Provisioning Engine ensured a comprehensive premium content service for the consumer and a reconciled traceability for Telecommunications Over-The-Top Services.

/ What we delivered

Our experience of providing solution design and implementing enterprise software architecture with the management of third parties, delivered a successful project:

/// Providing sustained speed to market and ensuring scalability through the application, gathering multiple Telco-OTT services within one Charge To Bill package.


/// Integrating local markets and Telco-OTT services through development of large scale Java systems.


/// Supplying Domain Specific Language to model customer offers, ultimately securing a business self-serve functionality.



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