Intelligent Automation for Call Centres

With over 10 years of contact centre technology consulting, development and integration experience we allow our customers to future proof their customer services and leapfrog the competition

  • Customer answered first time
  • No complex menus or waiting times
  • Interact with systems in a human-like way
  • Able to switch between speech and text channels
  • High accuracy and task completion
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Transforming industries with conversational AI

Proven Cost Savings and ROI

We enable corporations to reduce the costs of their call centres by up to 60% while providing superior customer service and 100% ROI in less than four months. We’re working with 25 blue-chip global corporations to bring human-like technology to their operations.

Truly Conversational Platform

We deliver the only platform that interacts in a truly human-like way. Just like human agents, our virtual assistants are able to retain context during sentences and conversations - helping to resolve customer queries quicker.

Superior Customer Service & Satisfaction

Our conversational AI platform gives you the ability to answer customer questions the first time, every time. There are no complex menus or waiting times - and our virtual assistants boast world-leading rates of semantic understanding and task completion rates.

Truly Omni-Channel Platform

We provide virtual assistants that interact across customer channels (voice, mobile, social, chat, SMS and e-mail). This allows consumers to switch automatically between channels without any loss of context.

Super Fast Deployment

In less than four months, you can have a single solution to implement and deploy to all customer service channels and company divisions. And all without any need to implement multiple IT systems or replace legacy systems.

Transparent and Manageable

Enjoy real-time dialog review and analytics tools, allowing you to gain insights and make changes in hours, not weeks or months. We also give you customer tools that enable the development of new self-services.

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