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The Media & Telecom industry is ground zero for disruption not only through emerging technologies, but through new entrants to the market from new geographies and different industries, changes in regulations and demands for consumer privacy, cybersecurity challenges and opportunities driven by new ecosystems and digital communities. The leaders and pioneers in the industry understand the opportunity that new technology will play in disruption, allowing them to innovate and be different. They have aspirations to roll out 5G and explore edge computing, reduce cyber security threats, to automate and improve customer satisfaction, provide new ways to consume and extend choice and to discover new areas for revenue generation. We are helping our clients go beyond the edge to explore decentralised digital identities, digital communities, adaptive cyber security, internet of things products and enhanced customer experience.

Our media & telecom journey

Increasing sales

We are leveraging cloud to build eCommerce marketplaces and digital platforms with new immersive experiences to enable our clients to drive higher customer acquisition and increase sales of their products and services.

Digital Communities

From the creation of decentralised digital identity capabilities to customer on-boarding tools, the integration of over-the-top content streaming services and unified billing and reconciliation systems, we contribute to the creation of new digital communities and business models for telcos.

Security, Safety and Privacy

We are building an integrating DLT permissioned security and information access management and deploying AI powered adaptive network security tools supported by application and infrastructure security frameworks to ensure our clients, and their customers data, are secure and compliant.

User Experience & Insight

We are supporting our clients to design and roll out personalised marketing campaigns, design new prototypes and experiments, promote mobility and internet of things innovation and drive insight from large sets of data through advanced analytics and machine learning.


We are exploring innovative solutions for cross-industry self-managed identity, call and data roaming reconciliation, cross-industry digital communities and applications of edge computing over 5G.

Our clients are leaders in the media and telecom industry

Our media & telecom customer stories

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In this Whitepaper we explore the opportunities for Edge Computing and Consumer IoT that will be unleashed with the advent of 5G and how the world will become truly connected, enhancing both business and consumer lives.

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