How Distributed Ledger Technology is transforming industries

Business disruptors are businesses that find ways to provide a valuable product or service to their customers, often creating new business models and markets. Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is a highly disruptive technology, one that can help businesses or entire industries transform business operations and create innovation. DLT removes intermediaries, reduces risks, increases transparency and security and creates new business models based on the collaboration and shared values of a partner ecosystem. The technology can automate commercial contracts, supply chain and procurement processes, whilst guaranteeing the accuracy of data and transactions. Tokenised transactions for payment and reconciliation, can track information provenance and compliancy and automate business processes through smart contracts leading to operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness as well as increasing revenues through the creation of new innovative use cases.

Distributed Ledger Technology benefits to your business

1. Smart contracts automate manual tasks
  • Increased speed of business processes
  • Increased process accuracy

2. Smart contracts remove operational friction
  • Remove intermediaries administrative overheads
  • Re-focus human capital

3. Provide instant crypto-token reconciliation
  • Increase working capital and cash flow
  • Reduce operational liquidity risk

4. Ensure supply-chain provenance and attestation
  • Remove arbitration issues with suppliers
  • Reduce counterfeit, fraud and possible litigation

5. Instant, auditable peer to peer transactions
  •  Remove foreign exchange risk
  •  Remove intermediary payment fees

6. Scalable, large throughput parallel processing
  • Reduce processing time
  • Reduce infrastructure and processing costs

How we apply Distributed Ledger Technology

Strategy We will assess and jointly define strategic goals and evaluate the viability of various distributed ledger technologies and their potential to create new opportunities and transform your business.

Discovery We combine design thinking with lean prototyping to ideate and co-create new concepts for market validation. Our acceleration framework support experimentation and user-testing to accelerate time to value.

Product We have already built off-shelf blockchain products that can be tailored to your needs: from Identity management to reconciliation and debt collection.

PartnersWe partner with leading blockchain technology providers and offer BaaS capabilities to reduce the complexity of the technology and accelerate blockchain innovation.

Ecosystems Collaboration unlocks the true value of blockchain, we link business partners, suppliers and other value-adders together to enable ecosystems growth and bigger picture investments.

Our Partners

Our DLT customer stories

Introducing our Blockchain Whitepaper

In this Whitepaper we explore the potential of Blockchain technology. It includes specific case studies across Retail, Manufacturing and Finance. We review innovation in Identity Management, Asset and Provenance Tracking, and also examine the adoption of Blockchain in Financial Services.

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