Inception Sprints for a Trading Platform

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27 September 2018


  • Respond to an RFP to build a blockchain powered commodity & trading platform
  • Incubate and grow delivery capabilities as new scope and integration with ecosystems is discovered


Proposed Solutions:

  • A “12 month roadmap” design sprint to define the project vision
  • Quarterly sessions to discover new scope based on lean experiments, Market insight and strategical decision making and refine the vision
  • A smart contract powered trading platform that allows higher transparency and value assurance
  • A crypto-tag powered mobile application to mitigate fraud-risks in regard to collaterals against loans
  • Integration with warehouses legacy systems
  • Usage of IoT and analytics to provide real time reporting on existing commodities, maximise revenue and reduce logistical cost


Designed Approach:

  • One week strategy and design sprint to define a roadmap
  • Quarterly inception sprints to support growth hacking
  • Quarterly strategy review <Pivot or Persevere>


  • Co-created roadmap and vision to transform the business
  • Production level iterative software deliverables (Platform + mobile app + device & asset procurement)
  • Qualified list of suitable IoT suppliers
  • A backlog of features to build into the platform

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