Portal & Mobile App Development

Gareth Mee | CEO

18 March 2019

Invenica worked with Betfair, the world’s largest online betting exchange, developing part of the market-leading Betfair Experience app.

The project was conducted in an accelerated time-frame, with just 12 weeks before a major sporting event and launch. The app needed to adhere to current and future strategic market deployments across all major mobile platforms – a critical feature of the transition to mobile.

/ What we did

Critically the solution was required to be built on top of several key frameworks and to work within the constraints of Betfair’s complex delivery process. Developing this new portal while incorporating as many of the existing back-end APIs as possible was a significant challenge. Added to this, the specifications and requirements were still being defined even though the project had progressed to the development stage. Our dedicated development team had a unique blend of experience – both extensive domain knowledge of betting, coupled with a track record of working with complex client projects on-site, and the technical ability to learn and develop on a new, custom-built framework. We worked directly with the client refining requirements, setting priorities, collaborating with their subject matter experts, and project stakeholders throughout every aspect of the program – managing a successful program delivery.

/ What we delivered


Invenica delivered the first phase of the product on time, and to specification, working through a complex multiple disciplined timeboxed project:

/// Technical programme governance to match the ambitious commercial business objectives

/// Rapid deployment of a bespoke mobile platform

/// Breadth and depth of technical knowledge.
The success of this project, paired with
Invenica’s ability to deliver efficient, high-quality results, has established the team as leading experts within the mobile space.



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