Hot on the heels of R3 CordaCon 2019, we continue the discussion and discover how Blockchain and DLT solutions are being adopted in the Telco industry.

Blockchain innovation & disruption in Media & Telecoms

About this webinar

We were joined by fellow R3 partner LAB577 to discuss and present how cross border payments, IoT, smart contracts and identity management are delivering in the telco industry. In this webinar we take a deeper dive into use cases around how media and telecoms firms are innovating and disrupting with blockchain and DLT.

Our phones are no longer just phones they are our wallet, allowing us to transact and make payments wherever we are. Blockchain is fast becoming the technology that underpins this accessible electronic wallet, making transactions secure, fast and more convenient for the consumer.

Over the past couple years, we’ve seen a rise of telcos becoming banks, notably orange, or major telco’s, trying to transform their offering allowing customers to use them for basic banking features and change the payment carriers. But as more and more telco media firms want that competitive edge, how firms getting ahead with this innovation, to disrupt technology such as blockchain? Give firms the opportunity to offer more secure service to a better privacy of data and enabling fast cross border payments that are compliant.

Introducing our Panellists

Gareth Mee is responsible for the growth and strategic direction of Invenica, a specialist software services business. He is currently working extensively within the emerging technologies space covering AI, Blockchain, Chatbots and Conversational Language, with experience in enterprise integration, mobility and UX – delivering mission critical solutions and complex enterprise projects.

Richard Crook is the Former Head of Emerging Technology at Royal Bank of Scotland where he defined and led their crypto and blockchain strategy since November 2014. Richard has a 20 year career specialising in leading teams to shape and deliver maximum business benefits through technology solutions for the largest financial service institutions. Leading his team of engineers, last year he set up LAB577, a software company co-creating application at the intersect of emerging technology and financial services.

Gareth Mee,

Richard Crook

Topics discussed in this webinar

Roaming Settlement & Fraud Reduction:
· TM Forum: Blockchain Unleashed
· R3, KPMG, Microsoft and TOMIA
· Vodafone, Telefonica and Deutsche Telecom Trails
· ITW Global Leaders Forum – Communication Blockchain Network

Identity and Digital Communities:

· Blockchain Unleashed – BT, Globe Telecom, KDDI, Optus, Orange, Singtel, Telefónica, Ultrafast Fiber and Vodafone
· Next Identity Platform – T-Mobile US
· Mobile Authentication Taskforce – AT&T, Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile
· Communities and FS – Libra, Rakuten, Walmart

Billing Circuit

Uber announces a push into financial services
• The car ride company reveals plans for a new division called Uber Money, this includes a digital wallet and upgraded debit & credit cards
• Aims to give over 4 million uber drivers & couriers around the world access to a mobile bank account so they can get paid after each ride
• Consumer bank accounts could also be offered on the platform according to Peter Hazlehurst, Head of Uber Money

Blockchain in the Supply Chain

Daimler, Dürr, LBBW execute pilot trade finance transaction deal on Marco Polo blockchain network
• LBBW is Germany’s biggest state-backed Landesbank lender as of 2018. It is also a founding member of Marco Polo blockchain trade finance network currently has 23 members, including Bank of America and technology partner TradeIX
• The transaction involved the order and delivery agreement for a balancing system from Dürr subsidiary Schenck via the Marco Polo with LBBW providing the financing and payment on behalf of Daimler

For more information, or for any topics you would like to discuss on this webinar, please get in touch with Invenica and LAB577 online, LinkedIn or start a conversation directly through email.