We have partnered with Volume to use their product QBox to help our clients optimise their conversational AI platforms

We have recently partnered with Volume, who have developed and brought to market a new and exciting conversational AI middleware tool: QBox.

This is a performance tool that improves the accuracy of a company’s conversational AI real estate. It tests your chatbot with your chosen provider and helps you optimise your training data. Our partnership promises to offer a full-service solution, to significantly enhance a company’s investment into conversational AI with the potential to realise very significant cost savings as a result of operational efficiencies.
QBox enables you to improve enterprise chatbots’ accuracy and performance in a matter of minutes, giving you 100% confidence to retrain and deploy. It analyses and benchmarks chatbot training data by visualising and understanding where it does and doesn’t perform, and why. This insight enables chatbot developers and NLP data modellers to make informed decisions about how they develop the performance and scale of their chatbots. Watch their video here!
QBox overcomes many of the challenges associated with managing your chatbot ecosystem and scaling your knowledge pool without impacting performance as your chatbot real estate grows.

QBox is NLP provider-agnostic: across all the major providers, it can improve the three global KPIs of clarity, correctness, and confidence of your models.

Our partnership introduces the potential to enhance companies’ investment in conversational AI across all sectors to make significant operational savings. The conversational AI market is growing significantly – and with strong partnerships like ours with Volume, we are very well placed to introduce the infrastructure and technology to help companies reach and exceed their targets, thereby potentially saving significant operational capital.