How to successfully leverage partnerships to the benefit of the client?

Invenica and Volume (with the use of their product QBox) have each been able to advance the digital transformation journey of one of our shared customers (the leading global telecoms operator referred to here). This customers wants to automate 60% of support requests by 2025; with the addition of QBox, this is going to be possible.

Building on Invenica’s work, QBox has been helping optimise the NLP training data (across multiple providers) by:

  • Extracting valuable performance data
  • Offering ongoing monitoring into key metrics of customers’ automations (enabling them to dramatically increase the number of support requests that can be automated)
  • Facilitating enhanced customer support
  • Realising significant operational savings

QBox is a piece of conversational AI middleware. Once a roadmap for the transformation of the customer-support function has been drawn up, QBox helps test, understand and fix NLP training data. It also provides ongoing monitoring support after the automation and AI customer agents have been introduced.

Chatbots, voicebots, chat engines and digital humans all require NLP. Once the conversational AI has been devised and integrated by Invenica, QBox offers incredibly deep and never-seen-before analytics that enhance a customer’s investment into conversational AI. By including QBox or the right customer, Invenica can offer a full-service solution, from inception to optimisation.