Welcome to our CordaCon 2019 - The Download'- Telco Podcast

R3’s flagship conference CordaCon2019 is brought together by over 800 industry leaders, technologists, and Corda enthusiasts to look at key trends in blockchain and the latest applications built on Corda.

Welcome to our telco special bringing you a live podcast recorded at CordaCon.  In this podcast we are joined by R3 Business Development Director & Telecom Lead Thomas Spencer who shares how firms are using corda and blockchain as a digital enabler to drive new revenue streams. We hear Jorge Bento, CTO of Enterprise IOT at Vodafone discuss DLT, 5G and the emergence of smart cities, buildings and intelligent networks. Our CEO at Invenica Gareth Mee identifies the key drivers of adoption of DLT, the use cases that are real and scaling, and the top trends as we head towards 2020, into a new decade.

Introducing our Panellists

Thomas Spencer is responsible is responsible for business development, partnerships, and strategy to support CSPs delivering the future of blockchain on Corda. Leading the industry effort by setting our sector strategy, engaging with partners developing CorDapps, building relationships with CSPs and expanding the R3 Corda brand across the CSP/Telecoms sector.

Gareth Mee is responsible for the growth and strategic direction of Invenica, a specialist software services business. He is currently working extensively within the emerging technologies space covering AI, Blockchain, Chatbots and Conversational Language, with experience in enterprise integration, mobility and UX – delivering mission critical solutions and complex enterprise projects.

Thomas Spencer,

Gareth Mee,

Jorge Bento,

Jorge Bento has been leading Vodafone Business’ technology practice for IoT over 6 years. Jorge leads Vodafone Group’s overall IoT Technology Strategy, Product Management, Engineering and Innovation. Jorge works primarily with Vodafone Business stakeholders, large corporate customers who have a variety of different IoT services globally; and Vodafone’s strategic partners to enable joint go-to-market propositions. Jorge is responsible of defining and delivering world-wide IoT platforms and solutions for 1000+ large corporate customers and other communications service provides, working internally with pre-sales, sales and various operational functions. This covers a variety of different business sectors, from Automotive where Vodafone lead the market, to Insurance, Logistics, Healthcare, Energy and Utilities, and more.

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