Invenica worked with a CloudX to design, develop and host a secure global platform for trading, distributed across mobile devices with a fully integrated supply chain.

The first of its kind, the CloudX presents a centralised platform with a unified ecosystem spread across manufacturers, network operators, distributers, traders and dealers. Members have access through their desktop browser or mobile application to make anonymous, high volume transactions executed directly and entirely securely on the platform. Payment and delivery of the goods are then fully bonded and guaranteed through an exclusively linked supply chain. Selected to deliver the entire programme of work for CloudX, Invenica produced a multi-channel trading application to be implemented in conjunction with one of the largest banks in the world utilising Currencycloud financial broker services.

What we did

Invenica built a greenfield commodities trading platform including a highly complex financial matching engine with a fully automated back office. Integration with the Barclays API via Currencycloud enabled the platform to work seamlessly with one of the most comprehensive banking systems on a global scale.

What we delivered

Invenica not only had to deliver a global trading and distribution platform with a simple user interface, it also tackled the complex matter of supporting real-time automated financial trading in six currencies 24/7, each with differing local markets.
Invenica rose to the challenge and delivered these outcomes:


/// A system that ensures efficiency across the whole supply chain that provides guaranteed, fully bonded payment and delivery of goods.


/// Creation of a real-time trading platform that allows a $10 billon market to be fluid, reliable and completely transparent.


/// The end to end delivery within a 6-month timeframe produced a financial matching engine. This engine performs calculations in 6 different currencies, integrates local currencies and logistics partners all within an automated back office.


///The Invenica Project Methodology delivered a high velocity Agile Scrum and Kanban approach throughout this project.
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