TUI Group  are an established leader in the Travel and Tourism industry, with travel agencies, hotels, airlines, cruise ships and retail stores spread globally.

As the largest leisure, travel and tourism company in the world, TUI need to ensure a seamless, competitive service to enable journeys, travel and holiday experiences are well organised and enjoyable for customers.

What we did

Invenica were engaged by TUI to produce better performing customer-facing mobile and web applications.
A robust framework was needed to test the applications, ensuring quality and fitness of purpose for the end user. Invenica designed, built and deployed the Quality Assurance testing framework to test the capabilities of location-specific functions, compliances, security and language detection.
Invenica also assisted in building new functionalities into the mobile application, ensuring the modernisation of the customer experience. An underlying digital platform that powered content, data, and products and services could now be offered to the customer.

What we delivered

Invenica’s experience of designing, building and deploying mobile applications projects with a lean-agile iterative approach enabled a testing framework:
/// Provided functional Quality Assurance Testing and automation scripts for customer facing web and mobile applications, with incident status and summary reports
/// Multiple and rigorous test types included Integration, Regression and Acceptance testing. The performance analysis of the applications included stress and load testing, as well as security and compliance testing 
/// Developed mobile features for both Android and iOS aligning client needs with new products and services designed by the business
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